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Why Choose Galvanized Welded Mesh As a Coal Support Mesh?

Oct. 21, 2020

First of all, the Welded Wire Mesh is not easy to generate static electricity when it receives friction. We know that there are so many flammable gases in the mine. If you don’t pay attention, it will cause a fire. Since the resistance of the welded wire mesh is very large, the generation of static electricity is avoided, which greatly reduces the probability of fire.

Secondly, the welded mesh has good flame retardant properties. Even if a fire breaks out, the welded mesh will not burn.

Galvanized Mesh

Galvanized Mesh

In addition, the Galvanized Welded Mesh has the characteristics of moisture and corrosion resistance. The welded wire mesh can be adapted to the harsh environment in mine operation after galvanizing.

Last but not least, easy to construct and maintain. Due to the small space inside the mine and the relatively poor light, it is necessary to consider whether the product is convenient for installation and maintenance.

If necessary, please contact the Galvanized Mesh Manufacturer