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Gabion Net Landscape Design Concept

Nov. 05, 2020

Today, the Gabion Basket Supplier wants to introduce the design concept of the gabion net landscape, come and have a look!

1. Environmental protection concept

The stone cage net has a certain gap inside filled with stone, and people can throw soil on the surface or gap of the Gabion Cage to provide favorable growth conditions for plants, improve the surrounding greenery, and play a dual purpose effect. , And will appear relatively solid in the overall layout.

2. Ecological concept

On the dust-covered gabion cages, plants can continue to grow in the gaps between rocks, while microorganisms and insects will also appear near the gabion cages, which greatly improves the surrounding ecological environment and plays a virtuous cycle.

Gabion Box

Gabion Box

3. Concept of sustainable development

After the construction work is completed, it is very easy to change the local area of the gabion net, because the gabion net is convenient and quick to disassemble, and can also be classified and recycled, which will not damage the ecological environment and save the cost of local landscape reconstruction projects .

4. Convenient construction concept

The construction management steps of the gabion net are simple, easy to disassemble and assemble, and the Gabion Net landscape design device does not need to install drainage ditch, because the stone gaps filled in the gabion net have the characteristics of easy drainage. We all know that the cost of landscape construction is directly related to the interests of the construction party, so cost-effective gabion landscape technology should be vigorously promoted by designers.